Feeling inspired by the London Olympics or Wimbledon? Try a tradition at Wimbledon – no, not streaking – a classic Pimm’s (No.1) Cup. A refreshing, classic English cocktail enjoyed by millions on the lawns in SW19 and beer gardens around the country. Pimm’s No.1 is a gin-based liqueur, low in alcohol content. Pimm’s produces other versions (e.g., No.3 is brandy-based and usually, only available in winter); unfortunately, they are difficult to find. However, producing your own Pimm’s Cup isn’t difficult. You may find it so easy, that you’ll mix up a batch in a pitcher for your next garden party or BBQ – don’t forget to invite us!


Pimm’s No.1

Lemon-lime soda/ginger ale

2-4 Mint leaves

Thick slice of cucumber and a strawberry, finely diced

Strawberry, cucumber, orange and lemon slices for garnish

Muddle mint leaves, cucumber and strawberry in the bottom of a tall glass. Fill with ice. Pour 1 part Pimm’s over ice, and top off (about 2 parts) with your preferred carbonated beverage (lemon-lime soda is traditionally used). Stir. Garnish with a strawberry, orange and lemon slices, sprig of mint and a cucumber slice. I.O.


wimbledon flowers


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