Cornucopia of Decadence


Cornucopia of Decadence

Cornucopia Of Decadence

While having friends and family over for nibbles and drinks present them with a snack fit for Royalty. With almost no added effort you can easily overwelm them with taste and mark any evening as a special gathering. By combining a few basic colorful items on a tray you and your guests can catch up in style.

On my Cornucopia of Decadence I have used three basic and generally loved cheeses to ensure everyone’s pallet is made comfortable. A French tripple cream brie with truffle to spoil, a cranberry boursin for a sweet tooth, finaly a Prince Edward Island cloth bound cheddar packs a punch. I paired these cheeses with sliced smoked duck breast rich in texture and flavour. Also a wild boar and venison pate, slightly gamey, toped with cranberry jelly to sour and sweeten the experience.  Antipasto is held in a cup while two different types of crackers offer guests imaginations countless options on which flavours and textures to combine. The plate is garnished with a mix of fresh fruit and berries covering the cheese board to complete the effect.

Although this project looks time consuming every ingredient can be found in your local deli. You can be completely creative with it (there is no right or wrong). Many cheeses last weeks in your fridge if properly wrapped.  Pates and smoked products last months, so you can have them on hand for those spur of the moment gatherings. Laine Valin



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