A Bottle of Bubbly

With this being the Premier wine post of The Refined Chef, I felt it only appropriate to kick it off with bang. What a better way to pop the cork than with a bottle of bubbly. To encompass this great celebration and make the entrance we all have been hanging on the edge of our seat for is nothing else than a fine Champagne.

For a bottle of sparkling wine to be called, Champagne it must be produced in the traditional method. The wine must also originate from the vineyards and be produced in the Champagne Region in France.


Without further ado, I introduce to you my favourite Champagne, Laurent-Perrier.  This lovely bottle will encompass all things delicious with a clean, green apple, pear, citrus, toast, smoke, and slight biscuit character. This year being the house of Laurent-Perrier’s bi-centennial anniversary (founded in 1812) how appropriate to have this delicious and lovely Champagne in the spotlight.When enjoying this Champagne with the ladies take it a step further and purchase Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut.

When you pour the delicious liquid from the bottle to your favourite Champagne flute you will recognize an obvious difference. The salmon-pink colour is divulged and the fine mouse (carbonation) rises to the top of your crystal wine glass. This Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut is made from 100% Pinot Noir grape varietal. It is the perfect way to celebrate a bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, new years, significant birthday, new job, promotion, and for no reason at all but to enjoy!

To provide a definition to this fabulous Champagne’s title and understand what exactly the terms mean I have provided a few simplified personal definitions. The term, ‘Cuvée’ refers to a specific grape varietal blend or wine product. The word, ‘Rosé’ meaning the saignée method (where the red grapeskins have been in contact with the wine’s juice) to obtain the salmon-pink colour which will also result in a more fruit filled flavor while adding dynamic and complex character. The term, ‘Brut’ indicates a specific sweetness level of the Champagne and means the wine is dry to very dry.

Stay tuned for the next journey through wine and further developing our knowledge along with passion for the luscious gift called wine!

Cheers, Laine S.

WineKnows http://www.WineKnows.me

~A Thirst for Exploring Wine~ TASTE

A special thanks to: http://www.laurent-perrier.fr/commonuk/


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