Dining At The Plaza

The Plaza Hotel

Dining at the Plaza

The iconic Plaza Hotel in New York is synonymous with style, class, and service. A chance to stay at this hotel is an absolute privilege, while the opportunity to dine there is equally prestigious. Located on Fifth Avenue in the heart of Manhattan, directly across from Central Park, this luxury hotel is prime real-estate for dinner or a late night cocktail. Built in 1907, the Plaza and its outlets have served millions of meals, hundreds of thousands of bottles of champagne, and countless night caps. The hotel has inspired writers’ painters’, movie themes, and the imaginations of many, most notably F. Scott Fitzgerald’s backdrop and characters in The Great Gatsby published in 1925.

The hotel offers five outlets: Palm Court, Plaza Food Hall, Oak Room and Oak Bar, Rose Club, and the Champagne Bar. Ranging from a standing lobby bar, to an awe inspiring dining room, no expense has been spared on the presentation of these venues, with every minute detail combining to create an overwhelming sense of grander. Rich and luxurious colors are used in decorating each room, yet each has its individual appeal.

The Palm Roomr

The Palm Court is New York’s signature breakfast, lunch, and high tea venue. It has undergone an incredible renovation restoring it to its original opening day grandeur. The Court has served as one of North America’s service leaders for over a century, invoking cutting-edge service techniques and standards. The menus available in this room are limited to breakfast, lunch, and high tea, however the venue is available for private evening events. It’s not unusual to see a celebrity playing the grand piano when the room is unoccupied, such as Lady Gaga, who is known for sneaking in to play late at night, providing impromptu entertainment for patrons.

If you are in Central Park and seeking refreshment in a perfectly appointed venue the Champagne Bar, located in the lobby, is the perfect place to be. A spectacular vantage point for people watching, this new edition in the hotel serves fresh pastries and cocktails by day and the finest champagnes and delicacies by night. The room has hosted Britain’s Prince of Wales, movie stars, and entertainment characters alike. 

For a late night cocktail, a romantic rendezvous or a nightcap to conclude an exciting evening out on the town, the Rose Club is where you want to be. Quiet and intimate, you’ll enjoy your drink and conversation in the privacy of a dimly lit room rich in dark wood, reds, and royal purples. The room was formerly known as the Persian Room. Modern day jazz actually made its debut here with the talents of Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and many more. Acts such as Liza Minnelli, Kay Thompson, and Bob Hope are a few of the many who performed here. Live jazz is still enjoyed Wednesday and Thursday evenings.


The Plaza Hotel is a landmark in the luxury hospitality industry. During a time when our continent wasstillyoung this beautiful property played a key role in launching ground-breaking and extravagant hospitality concepts from Europe to North America. Next time you’re in the Big Apple take the time to pop in for a drink, soak in the experience and become part of the history that is The Plaza New York. Laine Valin




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