Prairie Girl Cupcakes

Prairie Girl’s dark chocolate cupcake

Prairie Girl Cupcakes

“live life one cupcake at at time”

Prairie Girl Cupcakes “Live life one cupcake at a time” From humble beginnings, the Prairie Girl Cupcakes has certainly been turning heads in Toronto’s financial district. Jean Blacklock, ’the original prairie girl’ began her baking career as a youngster growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan. Her contribution to farm life was her love for baking. Jean would delight family, friends, and the farm hands alike with her incredible from-scratch baked goodies. This prairie girl has since taken baking to new heights, with a pair of award winning bakeries located on King Street, east and west, in the heart of Toronto’s business sector. Scrumptious cupcake creations, made from the finest ingredients, are made from scratch daily so customers may be assured they will never be served “day old cupcake”. In this fast paced world Prairie Girl Cupcakes service also includes delivery to make party planning as easy as possible.

Selection at its best

By supporting Second Harvest, an incredible charity that works thought Toronto providing much needed meals for those in need, Prairie Girl Cupcakes also gives back to the community which supports them. Although the cupcake trend has exploded in the food world, this business relies on the high quality of its product to ensure reliable and sustainable growth. Even if the cupcake fad bubble were to burst, Prairie Girl Cupcakes has been built on a solid foundation of consistent quality and service to ensure its customers continued patronage.

Mom’s Golden Buttermilk is one of five standard batters used, and arguably the best. This incredible base cake, when topped with one of the many icing selections tastes better the even your own mom’s scratch cupcakes! Chocolate, vanilla bean, and lemon are just a few of the amazing and taste bud enticing icings you can have on your golden buttermilk cupcake. For those chocolate lovers the Girls use Grandma’s dark cocoa recipe, fluffy and moist with a rich and complex taste. When treating one’s self to one or two of these delectable cupcakes strawberry butter, peanut butter, or a fabulous chocolate icing is recommended.

Prairie Girl Cupcakes also offers red velvet, carrot, and banana cakes daily, in addition to serving “a treat of the week”. This plays on the creative side of the team allowing them to show off their talents. One such treat was a chocolate orange cupcake adorned with a creamy orange icing. The moist cupcake is so rich it will literally melt in your mouth. By using ingredients like butter rather than oil they have stuck to the traditional methods of baking, resulting in flawless flavour. A daily dose of these treats may not be good for your heart, but they are without a doubt GREAT for the soul. Prairie Girl Cupcakes may just be the best tasting cupcake delicacy east of the Saskatchewan prairie. Laine Valin



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