For the Love of Pinot Noir

When thinking of my beautiful Pinot Noir varietal, I think of my favourite flowers, going to a Michelan Starrestaurant, my very own luxury vehicle, and a black tie event.  The ultimate in glass experience is this lovely grape. Yet, it is fickle, up tight, moody, and is known to be demanding for the vinyard manager and the wine maker.

The varietal originates from the Burgundy region in France but can be found in most wine regions in the World.  Pinot Noir is at its best in limestone soil and in a cool climate viticultural area.  Pinot Noir is also an essential element in the production of a fine Champagne from France.
When you see a vineyard with Pinot Noir it is quite likely you will find the Chardonnay grape near.  It just so happens, Chardonnay is also an essential element in Champagne.

In our very own backyard, the Niagara Peninsula here in Ontario, Canada, we are one of the greatest climates and soil structures to grow this lovely grape, Pinot Noir.  We also can make Chardonnay very well.  I would say we have the ideal conditions to ‘do it well.’  It makes sense considering if you look at a map and note the latitude of Burgundy in France and then run your finger across to Canada and see here, in Niagara, we are on the same latitude.

So if i had to choose a Pinot Noir to tell the World about which bottle would it be? Well it would be hands down, Gevrey-Chambertin, Clos Saint-Jacques.  Saint-Jacques is a Premier Cru vineyard in the Côte de Nuits region of Burgundy. The wine has an aroma that immediately draws you in closer for a second waft.  The characteristics on the nose of cherry, licorice, black current, and jammy fruit.  The finish on the wine is long and lingers making you want to come back for more.  The average price point in Canada is $150 but not to be opened once you arrive home. No, you must stare at this wine in your cellar, long for it, and wait for its pleasures to delight you in at least five years time.  You could however buy the bottle on your 25th Birthday and open the bottle the day you decide to retire.  This wine has good longevity and will inspire you for years to come.
Come join me again in my journey through wine.

~A Thirst For Wine Knowledge~Taste



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