Toronto to welcome Soho House

Soho House is setting up a permanent presence in our fair city, just in time for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Although this private club, exclusive to those involved in the film, media and creative arts industry, has had an intermittent pop-up existence during past TIFFs, its continued future in Toronto is now on solid ground…Soho House is here to stay. With all of the attention Toronto has earned over the years squarely on the success of TIFF, along with the key role the city plays in the Canadian film and entertainment industry, it is wonderful to see recognition translate into investment.

Founded in 1995 in London, Soho House has steadily expanded its presence throughout North America and Europe to include 10 exquisite ‘house’ properties, created to provide a comfortable home-away-from-home atmosphere for the creative people behind film and the arts wherever their work or travels take them. In addition, the Soho House brand includes restaurants, cinemas, spas and hotels.

A newly renovated heritage building, formerly a hotel, is the Soho House site in Toronto. Adjacent to thecurrently under construction luxury Shangri-La Hotel, the latter, once complete, will welcome Soho members to its property’s vast and lavish amenities. Members will receive exclusive privileges at the Shangri-La for use of its screening room, pool, spa, fitness centre, meeting rooms, and valet parking. Although this particular location will be relatively small in comparison to Soho’s other more opulent properties around the globe, its association with Shangri-La will undoubtedly propel the coveted membership. With each of the House locations specifically designed with uniqueness at the forefront, all encompass the same high service standards and many parallel amenities and privileges. Toronto’s Soho House will utilize its roof space by creating an incredible outdoor patio environment in the heart of the city. The property will also include a library, pantry bar, with The Pretzel Bell Bar noted as its feature lounge.

There is little doubt this new property will be welcomed by Toronto’s film and creative arts community, and most certainly will add a certain professional flare to the film festival. It is my hope that membership remains focused on these creative people so that the intended purpose – bringing like minded individuals together in the hopes of generating innovative conversation and developing ideas that we on the outside will eventually see in form on the silver screen or hear in music halls. Welcome to Toronto Soho House!

Laine Valin


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