Almost Naked Hendricks Cucumber Cocktail

Almost naked cocktail

Almost Naked Hendricks Cucumber Cocktail

stripped down!

What are we left with when we strip away the mix from our favorite drinks? We gain a true appreciation of the spirit. Whether your choice is the herbal flavors of gin, smoke and molasses of whisky, or smooth vodka, you gain a new understanding when you take the mix out of the equation.

 Gin has been around for over a millennium, serving as medicine, later as currency for a days work. Gin has many profiles made distinct by the individual and unique recipes.  We suggest you “strip down” and cool off this summer by sipping on a Hendricks cucumber cocktail. Hendricks Gin is distilled in Girvan Scotland in a Carter Head still. It’s made in “miniscule batches” of 450 liters at a time giving the distiller an incredible amount of control over each batch. The two distinctive flavoring agents that make Hendricks unique are the distiller’s use of Bulgarian rose and cucumber.


There’s no messing about with this drink, simple ingredients that refresh and kick start a relaxing evening. So strip away the mix, the sugar, and the filler and enjoy our almost naked Hendricks cucumber cocktail in whatever you feel most comfortable wearing.

-2 oz of Hendricks Gin

-4 slices of cucumber

-1 tsp crushed black pepper

-1 glass full of ice

-2 oz sparkling water

Combine all ingredients stir and enjoy.

Laine Valin


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