Lemon Tea Beer

Lemon Tea beer

When I think of summer, visions of barbecues, days spent at the lake, and relaxing on a sun soaked dock come to mind. All of these ideas are made perfect when you add the ideal refreshing beer. Served ice cold in contrast to the summer heat, full of light refreshing flavor, smooth bubbles, and most importantly thirst quenching.

But with so many beers out there where do I start my search? By narrowing down the qualities I wanted, a list began to form. I knew I wanted a light pilsner with a hint of citrus and perhaps even a little sweet. With this list in hand I began an adventurous taste test, sipping my way through some amazing beers. In my search for a perfect summer beer I’ve had the pleasure of tasting so many from around the world. Many stuck out but one from my own backyard in Toronto won me over. Millstreet’s Lemon Tea Beer was just what I was looking for.

At a first glance the beer has a light golden/yellow color and when poured, a perfect white head is formed that leaves no lacing. The aroma is full of lemon zest, grainy malts, and tealeaves; a very unique combination that invokes memories of summers spent sipping ice tea. The flavour is predominately wheat malt supported by orange pekoe, fresh lemon, and bitter grassy hops, and finishes with a hint of sweetness.

Millstreet has managed to combine all things summer into one can of bubbling golden beer perfectly. Join me and take a moment or two to yourself and enjoy a wonderful Lemon Tea Beer. Laine Valin






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