Pinot Grigio, The Perfect Summer Sipper‏

Would you desire a white wine to refresh, cleanse, and cool you on a hot summer day? Well look no further than a crisp, intense, dry, light, lucious Pinot Grigio.

This varietal in other parts of the World other than Italy is known as Pinot Gris.  Alternatively, in Germany within the Baden and Pfalz regions this grape varietal is known as Rulander or Grauburgunder.  Then in the Country of Austria the grape is known as Stelermark or Burgenland.

In the vineyard the Pinot Grigio can often be mistake for its red relative, Pinot Noir, as the skin on the varietal is darker in colour.  In Italy, the Pinot Grigio is often found as the secondary grape varietal.  In other words not a varietal that the Region or Country would be known for but is grown in the vineyards nonetheless.

In Ontario at the LCBO, what you will find to be the best marketed and promoted Pinot Grigio would be Santa Margherita.  This wine is produced in the Alto Adige / Trentino, in Italy’s NorthEast.  The Vintages section at the LCBO recently introduced a 1500mL bottle for sale for $32.95.

First thought on Vintages clever idea to release the large format bottle, is it is about time!!  Now while sitting at the dock on a Sunny Saturday, you no longer have to get up to go to the fridge to open a new bottle.  You can keep your feet cool in the lake and your bottle of Pinot Grigio on ice for the majority of the afternoon.  No share-sey’s!! Bring your own bottle.;-)


Laine Slade

~A Thirst For Exploring Wine



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