Salut, nos amis! Perhaps, la reine, Marie Antoinette, would not have lost her head, had she uttered, “Let them drink cocktails!” instead of “Let them eat cake.” However, the têtes royales DID roll and the streets were coloured with blood. Vive la Révolution and take a crack at making our version of the oft-varied martini français, or French Martini: La Vie en Rose – sweet, yet potent, like the great Édith Piaf, herself.


Black Raspberry Liqueur

Fresh Pineapple Juice

Fresh black raspberries or blackberries

Fill a shaker with ice. Add 2 parts vodka (Grey Goose, if you want to stay true to France), 1 part black raspberry liqueur (Chambord, it’s French, naturellement), and 3 parts fresh pineapple juice. Shake – VIGOUROUSLY!! (About 10-15 times, or til frost forms on the outside of the shaker.) Strain into a chilled martini glass – you should have a nice head of pineapple foamy goodness if you followed instructions to shake – VIGOUROUSLY! Garnish with fresh black raspberries or blackberries on a cocktail skewer. Grab a baguette, don a beret, and indulge in life’s rosy hue: bonne soif et santé!

Miss. O.

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