The Classic Gin Martini

The Classic Gin Martini

James Bond and I share a few similarities we both pull off a tux flawlessly and our drink of choice is the classic gin martini! Bombay sapphire gin, dry, “shaken not stirred”, and just a dash of olive juice. This drink is not for the faint of heart and packs a punch but when sipped in London this Olympics or just watching the games at home you’ll be doing it in British style!

-2 oz Bombay gin

-1 teaspoon olive juice

-a splash of dry martini

Combine all ingredients in a martini shaker full of ice. Shake well until the shaker is frosted, strain  into a martini glass and garnish with 2 large olives. Sip and enjoy! Laine Valin




5 thoughts on “The Classic Gin Martini

  1. love a good martini. i am surprised you suggest the shake over the stir! Like to chill my shaker full of ice on ice until it is so cold ones tounge would stick. add the beauty and stir. ice cold, less bruising. ha…doesn’t everyone make ‘the best’ gin martini!!

      • i actually shake everything else like crazy for the chilly little shards, but for some reason this way is my tradition since a mentor bartender many years back taught me his martini… it was right around the time i got the taste for the drink, probably why it stuck. Great post and the debate will never end on the shake or stir!

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