Cool Climate Chardonnay Festival

Niagara on the Lake was a beautiful place to be this weekend.  Especially if you were looking to fill your stemmed glass with a cool Chrdonnay.

This weekend in July of 2012 we celebrated Cool Climate Wines and Viticulte.  There were many lunches, wines, and conversations to be discovered.

I turned to taste the Chardonnay’s of Niagara with the hope of a creamy, buttery, french oaked delight and there were many to be found. My top three picks from the weekend were; 2007 Paul Bosc Vineyard, Chardonnay, Chateau des Charmes; 2008 Triomphe Chardonnay, (Certified Organi) Southbrook Vineyards; and 2008 Neufeld Vineyard, Chardonnay, Palatine   Estates.

A delicious three course meal pairing perfectly with Chardonnay would include a warm goat cheese salad to start.  Next, a poached salmon with steamed      vegetables and basmati rice.  Finally, top it off with assorted Indian Dessert    such as Burfi.

I look forward to a rainy day to taste some of the cool climate Chardonnay’s and cook a delicious meal with local produce from ‘one of the prettiest little town’s,’ Niagara on the Lake.

 Laine Slade
 ~A Thirst For Exploring Wine

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