Refined Contributors

The Refined Chef

The Refined Chef is a comprehensive Food, Beverage, & Lifestyle Blog.

Our Vision is to expose our readers to a refined and luxurious vision of lifestyle. We endeavor to facilitate our subscribers discovery and experience in our shared passion of food, wine, and life. Incorporating refinement and luxury daily.

In short we prefer to Dine rather the Eat making each moment an occasion.

Editor in Chief: Laine Valin

Laine is a seasoned luxury hospitality manager with a background in both culinary arts and five star service. As a leader in the hospitality industry Laine endeavors to grow professionally while encouraging the highest standards within the food and beverage industry and the home. “My experience has shown that by observing the smallest details you ensure a spectacularly orchestrated outcome.”

Laine has been a leader in service for both Fairmont and Intercontinental hotels. He has conducted VIP events hosting many dignitaries and artists such as HRH Prince Andrew, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, The Rt Hon Tony Blair, The Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, and many more. Driven by exceptionally high standards Laine continually strives to meet and exceed all client expectations.

As Editor and Chief of the Refined Chef Laine wishes to use his professional expertise to incorporate refinement and luxury in our day to day lives.

Contributor: Miss O.

Miss O. is a renowned bartender with flair and mixing experience collected from around the world. Imee’s creativity and dedication to the art of mixology has driven her to experience cocktails, wine, and beer from many different cultures.

She has served as head bartender in London’s illustrious Zone One, the citrus and sunshine state of Florida, under San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge, and  the peeks of Colorado’s slopes.

“Please join me as I mix and sip my way throughout the world.”

Imee brings a never-ending thirst for new and creative cocktails to our Refined Chef culture. Her love for bartending shines with flair, service, quality, and presentation in every drink she touches!

Contributor: Laine Slade

Ms. Slade is a well studied and practiced Sommelier operating out of Canada’s wine rich Niagara region. Laine has a strong background as a service professional having been responsible for overseeing state galas, weddings, and receptions.

In her vast experience in hospitality she has worked closely with a wide verity of wineries and vineyards adding to the industry and growing as a sommelier.

“As I explore and share my love of wine I hope you will gain a better understanding of the complexity and care put into each glass”

 Ms. Slade is without a doubt our distinguished wine expert.

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